This site is very much a work in progress.

Things are changing, fast, I have now started the HDR page.

The Gallery pages are nearly all finished, so there should be something for everybody.

Comments section is also up and running.

So go ahead, make my day, and give the site a try!

However, before you go, let me explain a couple of things.

Why did I create this web site?

Three main reasons,

1. I wanted to create a portfolio of my work (doesn’t everyone), and did not want to be restricted by someone's else’s ideas of what I could and could not do on a website. I am very much my own person, and wanted to show case many ideas and different forms of photography. To do that, I need to using some web plug-ins that might not be supported elsewhere.

2. I wanted to tell my own story. Sometimes tragic, and sometimes humorous, about how I started in photography.

3. Finally, I wanted my site to be educational. I think I do some very specialist types of photography. Lots of people have helped me. Some is personal, and some via forums and E-mail.

As you wander around the site, you will see panels that bear this logo:

I have added this to indicate that this panel is a hyperlink, and will activate something. In other words click on it, and see what happens!

Site navigation. For the more adventurous among you, just go ahead and click around. However, there is a method to how I created this site. If you look at the site header, which is also below:

You will notice the following:


My Photo Story






Where you are now.

My story of how and why, I started in photography.

Some of the projects that I have completed in Photoshop, that may interest you.

This page is the launch pad, to see my photographic efforts.

If you want to know how I achieved some of the results this is where you need to go. I will add videos in due course.

I will show you what equipment I have purchased, and how it was used. So if you want to learn how to take the same sort of pictures, you need to start with the right equipment.

Finally if you like this site let me know.

Now if you look above, you will notice the Hyperlinks. Each of these are links to web pages that better explain what each of the photographic categories mean. These are just some of the different types of photography that I do, and so this is how I have defined this site. Hopefully, I have managed to explain my understanding of each, as you view each section.

One thing I must explain is what happens if you click on Gallery. If you look above you will notice that part of the Hyperlinks, will turn red. Although the links have the same name they will now take you to examples of that type of photograph. To get back to the blue links simply click on any of the top links. It will make more sense if you go ahead and try it.

Now, I am not saying for one moment that my techniques are the correct ones for you, or that they are the only ones. If you ask two or more people to go from A to B on a map, each will more that likely go a different way. It’s a bit like squaring a circle. Is there only one way to go, no there isn’t. This is also true of photography.

So this is just my way, yours might be completely different.

All I am trying to do is put some of that karma back.

If I can help or inspire just one person, then it will all be worthwhile.

Who knows it might be you!

Many thanks, and enjoy the site.